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At Real Estate Services of North Carolina, we understand the need to cut the fat and reduce unnecessary costs. Signs are a necessary need for the Real Estate and other outdoor/indoor visual print sensative communication industries and businesses. In our search for good work at reasonable costs, we found that sign prices and services are all over the board, so we embarked on doing it ourselves.

Together with an experienced Designer, we have created an arm of RESNC that will help other companies meet their signage needs in an expediant and thrifty manner. We may not be for everyone, but for anyone that has had a difficult time in understanding the sign industry, we can help. It all starts with a Camera Ready Design that can be transfered to a substrate or surface with the right file format. Without this step of Design Camera Ready Artwork, no digital print is posssible. Once you have a piece of Camera ready artwork and it is sized appriopriately to the material being digitally printed on, we can complete the process.. We keep your art on file for future use. Each time you repeat the process, this step is included and the cost of art work is reduced, unless the size or information changes.

The owner has had sign experience while in the Atlanta ,Ga market ; last claim to fame was the Olympic Countdown Sign , mounted in a Marta Station over looking the downtown freeways. Although there is a myiad of sign products out there,our intent here is to keep it simple, ie; Outdoor rectangle Yard and Field Signs from 18 ” X 24 ” to 4 feet by 8 feet, and Indoor light Board Display Signs , Cotten Banners and Posters.

So when you think of signs, think of Real Estate Services of North Carolina and give us a shot at earning your future business.

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